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Wolfgang Kober, President - Rhein Chemie

Rhein Chemie

After the acquisition of Elastochem Inc.'s assets, integration of the new operation in our IT system was one of the major milestones in our overall efforts to merge the two operations into one business. Now our Trenton operations and our Chardon operations speak the same language. This was possible with the help of dedicated consultants who we trust. ICM was instrumental in achieving that important goal.

Randy Mills - Swire Coca Cola, USA

Swire Coca Cola, USA

Our experience with ICM America was exceptional during our New GL Migration project. They provided us with a high level of expertise that resulted in a project that was delivered on time and on budget. Their attention to our specific requirements, project details, and an understanding of our business made for a smooth transition to our New GL Platform. We would recommend you consider ICM America for any of your SAP initiatives.