Our Tools & Solutions have cut HANA migration costs by over 50%

The world of HANA is fast paced and quickly changing.
New modules, new updates, new names. It seems that by the time you understand the latest, SAP has delivered something new.
You need a trusted advisor with the Experience and Expertise to guide you through the process, and identify the benefits and roadmap for your business.

Which HANA Strategy is right for you:

  • Stand alone DB for Vora, or other analytical usage
  • BW-on-HANA
  • Suite-on-Hana
  • SoH with Simple Finance
  • S/4

Audit for HANA with Best Practice Roadmap

  • HANA Migrations workshops (Why HANA & how to do it right the first time)
  • HANA Migration Checklists
  • Data Archiving Solutions to reduce foot print

ICM as an Experienced Strategic Advisor will assist with your HANA strategy as your professional and neutral mentor


Let ICM help you to put in a clear and concise Data Charta and reduce your footprint at least 40%


Given the fast pace of changes in the HANA landscape, you need unbiased advisors that understand all facets. Sometimes the best and most cost effective solution is to wait for newer build or choose a phased approach


We will help you in the platform decision

  • Appliance (Sidecar)
  • TDI (Tailored Data-Center Integration)
  • Cloud Hosted

We will advise you the migration approaches best tailored for your existing environment.

  • Alternatives
  • RDS Solution
  • Customized Solution

ICM will advise you on and prepare you for the advantages of HANA as a platform and guide you to leverage it for Big Data and the Internet-of-Things.

To learn more about how ICM can help use its experience to help your organization please contact us.