KGS ContentServer4Storage

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a middleware that directly links up with SAP, and as opposed to traditional archive and DMS systems, no additional database and server systems are required. When combined with a storage system such as, e.g., NetApp, legally compliant archiving becomes possible without the need to run additional archive systems (‘third-party landscapes’).


  • Universal platform-independent archiving solution for archiving of any content
  • Communication via standard SAP ArchiveLink® interface and SAP BC-ILM interface
  • High-performance management of large documents and amounts of data
  • OS independent
  • Administration with basic SAP knowledge
  • Certification for SAP ArchiveLink® 6.20 (including loadtest) and for SAP Information Lifecycle Management (BC-ILM 3.0)


  • No additional archive and database servers required
  • Supports all archiving scenarios
  • Supports all system platforms
  • Easily scalable
  • Supports all SAP releases as of 4.5B
  • Documents are displayed via SAP standard functions
  • No additional client components required
  • Supports qualified digital mass signatures for legally compliant archiving
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • Expandable with additional KGS products for ECM/DMS Systems based on SAP


  • Universal standard solution for archiving any content
  • SAP Archive System communicates via standardized SAP ArchiveLink® interface and SAP BC ILM interface
  • High-performance management of large amounts of documents and data
  • Runs on all platforms
  • Extremely low admin effort

An SAP Document Archive for Your Business

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a high-performance SAP document archive, developed with the needs of the end user in mind. It offers legally compliant data and document archiving, as well as print lists and other types – all while using SAP’s standard ArchiveLink® interface as well as BC-ILM certification™.

Streamlined archive, fully integrated in SAP

The functions of KGS ContentServer4Storage are optimally adapted for the requirements of SAP systems. Unlike conventional document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management systems (ECM systems) from providers such as OpenText, SER, Ceyoniq, Easy, IBM, etc., KGS ContentServer4Storage has been specially developed without any of the functions that are already available as part of the SAP system. The result is a streamlined system architecture, which is extremely fail-proof and meets even the highest performance requirements.

Easy to license, high planning security

The KGS ContentServer4Storage is always set up with a corporate license. This means there are no subsequent costs if additional SAP users are added over the course of the year. The implementation of KGS ContentServer4Storage guarantees the highest levels of operational planning security for the company

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